“Orizashi” Weave (Regular weight)
This type of uniform has been used since ancient times for Japanese martial arts use due to its comfort and durability. It is crafted using Japanese traditional weave methods. Its durability, use of breathable material and shock absorption is unmatched. Simplicity at its best is the best way to describe this Orizashi Aikido Gi.
“Hishizashi” Weave (Lightweight)
The material is crafted in a way so that the end product is less stiff. Keeping comfort as first priority is the best attribute for the Hishizashi Aikido Gi. It is a classic designed GI in terms of wearability. The material is thinner than the Orizashi Aikido Gi and softer to the touch. Diamond shape patterns are stitched into the fabric to produce flexibility all the while maintaining maximum durability. There is no doubt that the Hishizashi Aikido Gi is a symbol of proficiency in Martial Arts.
Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama
Our Tetron Aikido Hakama is made with 65% polyester and 35% rayon. This gives the Aikido Hakama its firm but light weight characteristics. This is an elegant hanging hakama with breathability and utmost comfort, especially for the hotter climates and seasons.
#11,000 Cotton Aikido Hakama
Purely muted dignity. Our Cotton Aikido Hakama is masterfully crafted from 11,000 stitch count heavy cotton material. The heavy cotton allows for keeping its shape better for the life of the hakama. Easy maintenance, stiff and formal are the words to best describe this top end Aikido Hakama. This Aikido Hakama is mainly for intermediate to instructer level martial artists.