Indigo Dyed Hakama Care Instruction
Indigo Dyed Hakama Care Instruction

Important information pertaining to Indigo dyed products

What is Indigo Dye?

Indigo dye is one of the most ancient of dyes used in Japan, which was originally derived from China around the 2nd century. Indigo dye also called Ai-iro (Aizome being the process) in Japan was in highly demand from Bushi and Samurai Class due to Indigo’s symbolic meaning of 質実剛健 “simplicity and fortitude “ . In ancient Japan, Indigo dyed fabric was and is still treasured to this day due to its Durability, Antibacterial and Odor Eliminating Properties.

Points to know about Indigo Aizome Dye;

- Ai Indigo Coloring is a natural coloring that will bleed. Do not wash with other clothing articles and preferbably in a separate basin or container.
- Avoid the use of machine washing and Avoid Spin Rinsing/Drying. Hand Drying is recommended.
- The Indigo Dye will rub off on your Gi, Obi and Pants.
- Never use bleach or bleach contained detergents. Bleach will cause splotching of the indigo dye and damage the integrity of the garment material.

How to care for the Indigo dyed Cotton Hakama and Gi

Materials Needed: Clothes Hangers, Large Plastic Tub or Container

1, Fill the large plastic tub with cold water, and soak the Gi and or Hakama. It is recommended to use a large tub or container so that the Gi/Hakama can soak in the water evenly as when it is folded; it is harder for the water to penetrate at the folds.
2 Gently agitate the Gi and Hakama for few minutes and discard the water. Repeat this process a few times to release the sweat and grime from the Garment(s).
3, After rinsing, gently wring out the Gi and then use the hangers to hang dry the wrung out Gi and rinsed Hakama.


-Do not use bleach or any kind of detergent which contains a bleach additive.
-We do not recommend the use of soap or detergent more than once in a year. The use of detergent may cause the loss of texture and density of the Indigo dyed fabric. This may also cause color irregularity to our garments.
-Do not wash the Indigo dyed product with other garments. Even after the first few washings, the indigo color will continue to bleed every time you wash it.
-The product may shrink up to 2 inches after the first couple of wash cycles.