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"TENMA" Premium Ultra-lightweight Aikido Gi & Dx Tetron Hakama Set
"TENMA" Premium Ultra-lightweight Aikido Gi & Dx Tetron Hakama Set

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Product Code: SG-250-AH002

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Pants & Obi Set

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Custom made

Himo (Cord) Extension:

production time required to extend Hakama straps for 4 weeks.

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YES - Hakama Right Hip [Add US$15.00]

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Description Sizing Chart
Aikido Gi

Extremely Softened & Ultra Lightweight

  • Extremely Softened & Ultra Lightweight(Size4 : 0.6kg, 1.3lb) bleached cotton.
  • Excellent choice for hot summer practices.
  • Sweat-absorbent, Quick-drying Single "Hishizashi" weave fabric.
  • Reinforced seams and heavy lapel for grappling.
  • Back Seam

Aiki Japan is ecstatic to introduce the newest and most advanced model to our Gi Lineup.

Our "TENMA" Premium Ultra-lightweight Aikido Gi, performs just as the name implies, it offers the best of both worlds in terms of maneuverability and comfort.

Aside from the fact that it is crafted from one of the lightest/softest fabric and incorporates industrial leading stitching methods, the Gi has countless advantages over the heavy and non forgiving conventional “Orizashi” fabric which was considered the Standard of the past.

Our main goal for the production of the Ultra-Lightweight Softened Uniform was to provide the utmost comfort, all the while, having the ability to wick the sweat away from your body. It is a must for those long summer intense practices, or dreaded long seminars that have you stuck in a cold clammy Gi in between sessions.

Thanks to the technological advances in the fabric industry, the Ultra-Lightweight Softened Gi will not disappoint in terms of dry time for all of the hard-core Aikido-ka.

Just a warning though, once you try this Gi, you may likely have to part ways with all of your current Aikido Gi’s!

This Gi does NOT come with Pants & Obi.

Designed Only for Aikido

Reinforced in the seams and joints most vulnerable to wear and tear, the Gi is made to last longer.

Unique Patterned "Hishizashi" Weave

Fast-dry & lightweight fabric, very different from the classic "rice grain".

The Highest Quality

Product of world-renowned manufacture "MINAMOTO SHOKAI". Quality Guaranteed.

Aikido Gi Spec
Weight 0.6kg (1.3lb) - size:#4 Weave Unique Patterned "Hishizashi" Weave
Layer Single layer Texture Extremely Softened & Ultra Lightweight Cotton
Material 100% Super Lightweight Cotton Etc. Sweat-absorbent, Quick-drying. Good for Summer Practice
Backseam Backseam

Particular to Aikido Gi is the reinforced shoulder section that extends further than that of other Gi. This prevents rippage around the shoulder area for both grappling and defense. Also unique to Aikido Gi is the soft and pliable collar that meets heavy grasping in this area.

  • May shrink 1 to 2 inches after the first washing.
  • Do not use Dryer, hang dry only.
  • Stretch the Gi after the first washing to prevent shrinking.
  • The width of shrinkage may differ from the water temperature, soaking time and drying method.
  • No returns accepted after washing.
Embroidery Orders and Policy

We will not accept any returns for garments that have been embroidered, imprinted or embellished in any manner.

Aikido Hakama

Our Long-term Best Seller Aikido Hakama.

  • Extremely high quality Tetron. (65%Polyester, 35%Rayon)
  • Reinforced seams and anti-tear patches in tear prone areas.
  • Seven Lines of Stitching in the Himo. (Waistband)
  • Flexible Neoprene rubber Sei-Ita. (Backplate)
  • Permanent Stitched Pleats for easy maintenance.

Aiki Japan’s Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama has incorporated the design and advances of the #11,000 Indigo Dyed Cotton Aikido Hakama for the intermediate to advanced level Aikido-ka.

The seven lines of parallel stitching on the waist band ensures secure and comfortable fit, while anti-tear patches and reinforced stitching to further solidify our reputation for quality and durability. The permanent pleat stitching and flexible backplate make this garment machine washable and simple to maintain.

Rubber Koshiita

The "Koshi-ita" (Back plate) is made of flexible Neoprene rubber, giving your hips maximum protection during "Ukemi."

Permanent pleats

Pleats are permanently sewn in the inside of the hakama, keeping it in place even after washing it.

Beauty of the silhouette

Carefully cut and sewn with quality in mind, the hakama is extremely durable, yet does not compromise mobility. Elegantly designed, the beauty of the silhouette composure emanates once you put it on.

The Highest Quality

Product of “MINAMOTO SHOKAI”. Quality Guaranteed.

Aikido Hakama Spec
Weight 1.06kg, 2.33lb (Size:#26) Koshiita Flexible Rubber Koshiita
Material 65% Polyester / 35% Rayon Texture Smooth and Soft
Color Black Etc. Lightweight and Easy to maintain

Embroidery Orders and Policy

We will not accept any returns for garments that have been embroidered, imprinted or embellished in any manner.

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